Meet RIO Brazil Richmond VA

We crafted the most authentic Brazilian steakhouse experience combining the best flavor with an amazing ambiance.

The two Brazilian friends Rafael Albernaz and Val Ribeiro live in Richmond, united by a very special bond. Both grew up in large families that always celebrated life with the Brazilian barbecue – or churrasco as we call it in Brazil.

The family gatherings do not only happen in special occasions. For Brazilians, every occasion is special and every get-together calls for a good steak, a good talk, a good memory.

Rafael and Val combined all these ingredients to create the unique Rio Brazil Steakhouse experience. We will make you feel like a member of the family while you enjoy the best meat you’ve ever tasted.

A steakhouse experience in Virginia like you’ve never had before.

We are professionals with a lifetime experience in making the best steak in the world. We heard you! So we brought uniqueness and taste to your experience. From helping you to choose the pairing drink for the meat until planning your next visit, at Rio Brazil we bring a whole culture to the table.

Meet the Team Behind Rio Brazil Steak House:

Val Ribeiro


Rafael Albernaz

co-founder of Rio Brazil

Certified Meats & Transparency

Our team works with hand-picked and certified meats from Brazil.

High-Quality Ingredients

We know what is not on your plate and we value quality over everything.

Local Vendor Partnerships

We pride ourselves on supporting our local markets and providers.

Authentic Brazilian Experience

Our ambiance is designed to make you feel embraced, at home, as a family.

Never Stop Learning

Improvement is key. We value and hear our clients as part of our family.

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